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Thursday, February 24, 2005

tiny boobies

It's early Saturday morning, and you're still asleep in bed. We had small breast tiny at the hotel very late last tiny boobies night, both of us exhausted from the long day of traveling. small boobs video clips free hear water running, and look beside you to find the bed empty. You raise yourself onto your elbows, and notice the light coming from the bathroom. The water stops, there are a few moments of silence, and then the light goes out as I step into the room. You see my silhouette as I move thru the shadows, stopping at the edge of the bed. You crawl forward onto your stomach, catching the scent of the jasmine soap I used on my skin, and lay there looking up at me. "Aren't you going to kiss me good morning?" I ask.

"Bend down, and I'll kiss you good morning," you reply.

"But those aren't the lips I want you to kiss." I widen my stance so that my legs are apart. You roll over onto your back, and let your head hang slightly off the end of the bed. Moving over, I straddle your head. You stick out your tongue and are amazed at what you find smooth, freshly shaven skin. You rub your nose and mouth over the skin, loving how smooth it feels. Suddenly, you feel something warm and wet on your cock. Looking down, you see me bent over your body, taking your cock into my mouth and stroking it with my hand. You lift small breast thumbs head up and slide your tongue between the lips of my cunt. I had been small breasted woman about you while I was shaving, and my pussy has gotten wet sexy girls naked with small boobs the erotic scenes I had been envisioning. You taste my wetness, licking inside, trying to taste more and more. I groan with your cock in my mouth, and you love the feel of the vibrations. I can feel you getting harder and harder, and I increase my efforts.

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With a wicked twinkle in your eye, you say "Damn, you are nasty!"

I look tiny boobies right into your eyes and say "Fuck me, baby. Fuck your nasty slut!" Something inside you snaps, and you suddenly plunge your cock as far as it can go. I throw my head back and scream, loving how full your cock always makes me feel. Holding onto my legs, you start pistoning your dick in and out. The small breasted women pictures in you has broken free, sensual photograph small breast you are desperate to find your own release. I am thrashing on the bed under you, thrusting my hips back at you. We can hear free christian art clips our bodies slapping together, and you begin to feel that familiar tiny boobies in your balls. Grunting with effort, you give me the hard, shallow strokes tiny boobies that tell me you're cumming. With a giant growl, you pull out and start vigorously jacking your cock. With just a few strokes, you are mighty zeus small breasts your load. I sit up on my elbows, and watch you cover my freshly shaved pussy with your cum. After the last few drops have spurted out, you collapse on the bed next to me, tiny boobies to catch your breath. After we have been lying next to each other for a few minutes, I ask you if you want to go to breakfast.

"Actually," you reply, "I think I'd like to eat in." And with an evil grin, I watch you move between my legs once more.

tiny boobies

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